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Why does my DVR show "Disc Full" but the DVD-R disc still have space??

Because of the hardware design, one DVD-R disc could only backup up to 41 files. If you want to backup over 41 files to the disc, you would meet this issue.

Note: Our DVD-RW drive only supports "DVD-R" discs.


Why does my DVR show HDD full with the usage of only 100GB, but the HDD total capacity is 250GB?

It happened when you set up motion trigger recording on the Wavelet series DVRs. The motion list can only include up to 6,144 record items. The least time to be recorded is 10 seconds for each triggering. So, if you have motion triggered all the time, it will treat as HDD full when the motion list is full.


Why does the OSD on Model AVC787 show HDD remaining space, but not the available remaining time?

Because the format of MPEG (not pictures) is different from the format of JPEG (pictures), the available remaining time cannot be calculated. The situation is just like downloading files from the Internet. When you download one file from the Internet, the displayed downloading time keeps changing. For this reason, the remaining time varies dramatically, and users might have the difficulties to precisely know the actual remaining time. Therefore, our R&D team decides to use HDD remaining space instead of the available remaining time.


Why do AVC78X Series DVRs sometimes keep rebooting?

If the physical connection between HDD power cord and HDD is loose, HDD booting will be failed. And in order to let HDD booting successful, the DVR will keep rebooting. If this problem persists always, it's recommended to change another HDD or re-install your HDD.


How to check the firmware version in AVC777?

Press and hold "Menu" first when your DVR is shutdown. Then, press "Power" to boot your DVR. You can see the firmware version displayed while the DVR is initializing. In addition, there are two MICROM IC in AVC777's PCB board: One is "Master" and the other one is "Slave". When updating your firmware by replacing MICROM IC, please pay attention to the position of "Master" and "Slave". If you face to the DVR front panel, the IC slot at the left hand side is Master and the one at the right hand side is Slave.


Why is HDD detection failed?

Please check the power adapter as well as the HDD cable and HDD power cord between the HDD cartridge & motherboard. Or, you can change to another HDD for testing.


Why can't my USB flash drive be detected?

Your flash drive may not be supported in our DVR. For detailed information, please check the compatible list in your DVR user's manual and see if the brand name of your flash drive is included.Our DVRs only recognize FAT32 format. So, please format your USB flash drive as FAT32.


Is it possible to access video data on DVR hard disk from your PC?

No. The hard disk of our DVR system can't be accessed from your PC. That's because the system format is designed only for our DVR.


How do I make an audio backup?

The audio connection channel is showing below:
AVC787 AVC785 AVC783 AVC781
CH13 video >> CH1 audio
CH14 video >> CH2 audio
CH15 video >> CH3 audio
CH16 video >> CH4 audio
CH5 video >> CH1 audio
CH6 video >> CH2 audio
CH7 video >> CH3 audio
CH8 video >> CH4 audio
CH1 video >> CH1 audio
CH2 video >> CH2 audio
CH3 video >> CH3 audio
CH4 video >> CH4 audio
CH1 video >> CH1 audio
CH2 video >> CH2 audio
You have to connect the relevant channel to have audio backup.
It will backup audio automatically if the certain time you want to backup has audio available.


How to make PTZ camera connection?


1. Components:

2. Connect: 1.PTZ control 2.Power 3.Video

3. If PTZ control is still unavailable as the connection shown in Step 3, the telephone line might have wire jumping. Please change the connection shown in Step 2 as follows: Brown to Green, and Orange to Red.
4. Setup: After connecting all devices, DVR remote setting is as follows:
5. Enter ID setting: If the connection is successful, DVR will detect PTZ ID number.
6. Switch to PTZ mode, and begin to control PTZ.

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